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Guru Dev represents the Vedic tradition in this age and in making these prints available Frances is inspired to contribute 20% of the net proceeds to support the Maharishi Vedic Pandits in India, who are creating world peace through Maharishi Yagya and Yoga.

Frances Knight, MFA

Frances studied in Painting at Camberwell School of Art in London. She then won a Commonwealth scholarship for an MFA in India, graduating with a 1st Class First. Frances spent over 35 years creating paintings of Guru Dev1 under the direction, guidance, and inspiration of His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. She started work on the painting of The Holy Tradition2 in 1972 and continued to work on it and many other paintings for Maharishi over many years. Her paintings benefit from years of working directly with Maharishi, absorbing the knowledge of how exactly he wanted Guru Dev to be depicted and how Vedic Knowledge can be expressed in visual form. Her deep experience and unique knowledge of Maharishi’s vision for how Guru Dev should be portrayed, gives her paintings a profoundly devotional depth of feeling and lively consciousness. Her original paintings express a powerful darshan that people find deeply moving and inspiring.

Frances is a highly accomplished landscape painter. Her original landscape paintings are available from


1. Guru Dev is Maharishi’s Teacher, who stands closest to Maharishi in the Vedic Tradition of Masters.

2. The Holy Tradition is the Vedic Tradition of Masters who have passed down the wisdom of integration of life from Teacher to student generation after generation.